Improving Water Quality and Access

Water is the most critical resource for our business. No water, no beer.That's why we're improving water access and security in the communities where we live and work.

Our Ambition:

We have established ambitious water efficiency targets across our business, with even more ambitious goals for our breweries located in communities facing high water stress. Leveraging our Voyager Plant Optimization (VPO) system, we monitor and manage our water use on a routine basis and cascade best practices across the business. Being part of the solution to water challenges are what we are committed to doing. Each production facility of Bud APAC is required to implement measures to improve water efficiency.

Our Approach:

To address the local challenges, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive seven-step watershed management process at sites located in water-stressed areas.

Understanding Our Water Risks

We regularly update the water risk assessments of our breweries based on short- and long-term risks. The World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Aqueduct tool is applied and then our internal custom-made water risk tool to guide sites through detailed questions on water availability, quality, regulatory pressure and reputational risks. We undertook an in-depth assessment of each facility once a year and quarterly review with our key internal stakeholders including any changes in risk profile.

Water Stewardship Goals

Looking Forward:

  • We will continue working in local communities facing higher water stress, to reach our goal of achieving measurable improvement in water availability and quality.

  • Continue exploring suitable partnerships and identify and test innovative solutions to improve our water use efficiency and external watershed initiatives.