Procurement Excellence Trainee(PET)

The Procurement Excellence Trainee program is designed with the aim to attract and develop young talents with high potential and outstanding learning agility to become future procurement leaders that are part of the wider Supply/Logistics/Procurement talent pool. Talents enrolled in this program will be provided with fast-track and ample career opportunities.


1 week
1 week
1 week
1 week
1 week


Online Application

Video Assessment


Structured Interview

Final Panel



We are looking for people with passion for beer and the FMCG industry, who have a 'challenge accepted' mentality and who can align to and live our culture.

Eligibility Criteria:

•Degree: Master/Bachelor, graduate before Sep 2024 or have less than two years of full-time work experience

•Major: No Major Limit

General Competency:

•Cooperation/Problem Solving/Project Management/Fluent in English

Functional Competency:

•Data Analysis

•Understanding Business

•Stakeholder Management



Culture Fit:

•Ambitious and Self-Driven Mindset


Tina Zhang

2023 PET

National University of Singapore Quantitative Finance(MSc)

Fudan University(BA)

Mike Yuan

2023 PET

New York University(MA)

Penn State University(BA)

Jane Zhang

2023 PET

Johns Hopkins University(MA)

Northeastern University (BA)

Tina Zhang

"What I like the most about the company is that it never set limits on its employees. The company encourages all the employees to step out of their comfort zone and tackle new challenges."

I joined the company as Procurement Excellence Trainee on Aug 1st this year after graduating from National University of Singapore with a Master’s degree in quantitative finance.

The journey began in Xiamen and Putin with a 2-week training, where I learnt about the company’s business in APAC, future development strategy, and of course a group of talents from all backgrounds. Then I went back to Shanghai and started my work under Indirect function.

The culture of Budweiser APAC is to view challenges as opportunities, and always being excited about the possibilities they offer. The first challenge I met in company was to update and optimize KPIs for the lease and rental of all sales offices in China. I had no experience in building leasing, let alone design the selection rule. Thanks to all my colleagues. They were humble, enthusiastic and willing to share. They helped me in cleaning the data and understanding the market. In return, I supported the team to make decisions via data analysis.

Budweiser APAC provides an open and inclusive platform to everyone who is willing to learn and explore. New opportunities are around the corner as long as you keep curious and stay ownership-driven.

Mike Yuan

"Efficient, confident, passionate and curious are the words that best represent Budweiser people. Budweiser's emphasis on training and career building brings me confidence to the future goals."

Hi everyone! My name is Mike Yuan.  I have been studying in the United States for nearly 10 years, and I graduated from New York University in May 2023. During the job-hunting season, I was worrying about whether the job was suitable, and whether to stay in the United States or go back to China. After much consideration, I decided to join Budweiser APAC and participated in the Procurement Excellence Trainee program.

It turned out that my choice was very right. After entering the company, I felt the company's attention and concern for us. We have a detailed training plan and are prepared with induction mentors. The mentors are very helpful in all aspects and help us get into work faster.

Now I have joined the ESG team under the Procurement function. ESG is a new topic for many domestic companies, but Budweiser APAC has been working on this for a long time, and I look forward to learn more in the future!

Jane Zhang

Embrace every challenge and cultivate a growth mindset for Self-Improvement.

In 2022, I earned a master's degree in international economics and finance from Johns Hopkins University. By March 2023, I had joined the Budweiser Procurement PPM team as a Procurement Excellence Management Trainee (PET).

I always feel lucky to be a part of the PPM team, gaining valuable insights into procurement's daily operations through a data-centric lens. Through monthly data review and analysis, I found out Budweiser has underscored the pivotal role of data in shaping management decisions. Although I lacked knowledge of sourcing expertise when I first joined the company, the company offers various learning opportunities from industry experts. Regular internal and external expert-led training sessions ensure continuous growth for employees. At Budweiser, we reject complacency, constantly step out of our comfort zone, and welcome fresh challenges as part of our daily routine.

"To a future with more Cheers" is the slogan of Budweiser APAC that has resonated with me since joining the company. It embodies the aspirations of every beer lover and reflects Budweiser APAC's passion and ambition for the beer industry. Our work extends beyond mere survival; it aims to ignite consumers' passion for life and invite them to celebrate every moment with Budweiser.