We know 'Challenge Accepted' mentality is core to our culture. Our people help bring this to life every day. Our challengers go above and beyond in everything they do.

Hear some of our challengers stories, stories of ambition, curiosity & resilience that they and their teams exhibit every day. Hear from them how they went that extra mile on behalf of a colleague or a time an innovative solution changed the way we do business. Maybe it's a moment they took on an entirely new challenge and thrived.

Ding Fang

Tangshan Brewery Manager, China

Nguyen Van Quy

VPO Manager

Meng Wang

Sr.Procurement Dir,Rpss&Indirects APAC Procurement & Sustainability

Yen Se

National Brands VP

Sebastian Yan

Sebastian Yan, Sales Manager, BUN

Ding Fang

The excellent team as well as the mentors are the most solid foundation and source of confidence when I face challenges. the attitude of putting myself out there and daring to innovate helps me to defy challenges. Teamwork and information sharing make me not alone when facing difficulties. These are the indispensable factors that enable me to break through difficulties and accomplish challenges.

I joined the company in April 2008 and served as the technical service manager of the Suqian brewery, brewery manager of the Suqian brewery, brewery manager of the Xinxiang brewery and brewery manager of the Tangshan brewery.

During the construction of the new brewery in Suqian, we needed a lot of excellent talents urgently, and how to set up an excellent team quickly became our biggest difficulty at that time. We took an open and tolerant attitude to absorb talents, made training plans and provided various training resources for them. At the same time, we rewarded excellence and built a highly dedicated team. In 2016, our Suqian brewery was awarded the first place in the world for "Global Factory Excellence (BEP)". In 2017, I was promoted to brewery manager of the Suqian brewery and was again awarded the second place in the world for "Global Factory Excellence (BEP)". In 2018, I was transferred to be the brewery manager of Xinxiang brewery  and the environment has changed. Therefore, I need to integrate with the new management team and lead Xinxiang brewery to accomplish more challenges. I firmly believe that as long as we have excellent teammates, we will overcome difficulties. We pioneered and innovated, and actively looked for breakthroughs. The performance of each item continued to climb, the Xinxiang brewery team was named the best execution team in the region. I was named the best brewery manager in the first district, and 33% of the team members were promoted. In 2020, I took role of the brewery manager of Tangshan brewery again. From 2020 to 2022, I was awarded "Outstanding Trainer" by the Leadership Academy, the Budweiser APAC Mulan Talent Development Award and the Indomitable Award respectively.

Nguyen Van Quy

Since my commencement with ABI in Feb 2016 untilnow, there is only 1 thing I want to share: What a beautiful journey!

Over the last 7 years, I have been through5 different positions. More challenges came after each new position. At ABI, weused to say “Challenge Accepted” and now “To a Future With More Cheers”; to me,challenges bring opportunities and cheers definitely. Whenever challenges come,I understand what my responsibility is, and more importantly, I always havefull resources I need, and when I overcome a new challenge, I will be rewardedmore and have more cheers personally and professionally. That’s how we call 3R(Responsibility, Resource, Reward) – the best frame I ‘ve ever known. And atABI, this frame also motivates us to take more challenge every day.

In Apr 2022, a new challenge had come to mewhen I took a new role as VPO manager. That was a time when I extended mycomfort zone from Brewing Manager where I worked mostly within Brewing team. AsVPO manager, I started to work with multi departments in different breweriesand had more accountabilities to collaborate with all teams to bring 2 Vietnambreweries to the next level – World Class. We ended 2022 with a great result,we achieved our target for both Vietnam breweries for VPO level and achievedalmost all strategic KPIs.

New year, new challenge, new achievement. 2023has just started, together with the whole team, I will be taking more challengeto transform opportunities to results, to bring us to a higher level. We DreamBig To Create A Future With More Cheers!

Meng Wang

"You always get the new challenges every day, you always have new things to learn, and you never feel bored at Budweiser APAC, which attracts me most to work here every day."

After my Master's in Economics degree from University of Bochum in Germany, I had studied and worked in Germany for 6 years. I joined Budweiser APAC HQ in a Financial PF&A role in Procurement in 2012.

Over the last 8 years, what I have loved most is that there is very little repetition in what I do. Often, we take up projects, where we are not expected to know what to do. Finding out solutions along the way and building up a successful working team in the process are the biggest positives. This way, we all contribute to the high-energy in the workplace.

Another great aspect of working here is the people culture– who are ready to support others, because at the end of the day, we are all owners of this company. During my experience of stepping out from my comfortable zone into a new role, I had my manager and colleagues who supported me, shared their experiences, transferred their knowledge, trained and coached me on how to deliver from day 1. I successfully transitioned into the new role, and was promoted and recognized here for my work. This is exactly how we develop and advance talents in the company.

Yen Se

Neversatisfied, pushing boundaries and provocation to each other with a growth mindset as one dream-big teamis what fascinates and motivates me every day. A challenge may be perceived astough homework for many but in BUD APAC, we accept challenges with passion& mission with a positivemindset. Also, once you deliver, your input is highly recognized. That is why Ilove working here with a group of such great talent who has strong ownership, entrepreneurship,and passion for creating more meaningful cheers.

After a Doctoratedegree in fine arts and communication, and over 10 years of work experience inthe FMCG industry, I joined OB brewery in Korea - a family of Budweiser APAC-as one of the early founding members in ZX ventures, leading the marketing team.In the past 6 years in the company, I took on various projects and roles withinmarketing including head of Insight and Innovation. Since last year I wasappointed as VP of National brands including the No.1 beer brand Cass in Korea.

As a followerit is not unusual to make big transformation to shake and tackle the leader.But as a firm leader in the category, it is not an easy decision to make bigand bold changes. This is what we do in BUD APAC. As a leader, we constantly opengaps, moving away from our comfort zone not only to sustain invincible categoryleadership but to ensure that our culture is full of dream-big believers. Wewant to create better and meaningful experiences to our people eventually.

In my pastrole as Insight and Innovation director, we fully transformed our country’sNo.1 brand including product liquid, packaging, communication to recrystallizeour brand purpose. I was honored to lead this innovation project journey workingwith multi-functional teams who has exceptional ownership, high-energy and collaboration.Thankfully, the results were amazing, and all our hard work was greatly recognized.I have learnt that only a leader with never satisfied growth mindset can transformconsumer’s cultural behavior and unlock new business opportunities.

When I lookback at my career growth and learning journey in last 6 years, I am veryconvinced that this is an amazing company for people who want fast growth andbring direct impact to the business. I am excited with our bright futureawaiting!

Sebastian Yan

"Budweiser is literally the 'Fastest' Moving Consumer Goods Company –the only way to keep up with this unmatched pace is to keep learning andinvesting in yourself."

I graduated from the Renmin University of China with a degree in ChineseClassic Philosophy. After my degree, I immediately joined the Budweiser Beijingoffice as a Global Management Trainee (GMT). Thanks to Budweiser APAC's uniquetalent-centred culture, at the beginning of my career itself, I have benefitedfrom a deep-learning curve, augmented by supportive colleagues.

In Budweiser, you should not only strategize in the office, but also deep dive in the field. Walking out of the tower of ivory is always the first step of being a real professional. The filed sales experience equipped me with the fundamentals of every aspect of commercials. I was directly involved in the implementation of all the key projects, and I was able to learn, challenge, change and create impact.
Now I'm leading a team with over 30 people and operating a market with over 600 KhL. My soft skills were enhanced drastically especially the leadership ability. Every time I achieved tangible business growth under great pressure, or handled challenges I’ve never faced before, my sense of self-worth was also bolstered with applause and rewards.

InBudweiser, you'll be exposed to the most cutting-edge practice in the industry,and be part of something big. It's the perfect place for people who aim to be agame changer & real influencer.