Innovation Hub

APAC Procurement & Sustainability Innovation Hub
We launched our own local 100+innovation lab to empower entrepreneurs who are solving challenges in and for our communities in APAC. The 100+innovation lab aims to establish an ecosystem of innovation and sustainability that not only creates value along our value chain and helps in achieving our sustainability goals but also accelerates the development of innovative solutions for the well-being of our environment and communities. It is a long and continuous journey, and we are committed to embracing our entrepreneurial spirits to keep exploring and driving the change.
The Hub attracted 80 applications. After months ofpiloting with seven groups, four successful groups stood out.
• Zhong Jing Gu brings a boiler with thermal energy conversion efficiency of more than 100%. This boiler helps us to reduce production costs and to achieve carbon neutrality goals.
• Vegatex uses spent grain to produce an innovative and highly sustainable blend of vegan-based leather, which could be used in handbags, shoes, clothing and car seats.

  • India
    Innovation Hub India was launched in May 2020. The program attracted about 80 applications and has gained popularity due to its uniqueness and multitude of benefits. We shortlisted five startups, and after a successful round of pilot projects, we are closely working with Recube Energy Private Limited that converts spent malt into beer cups, coasters and ice buckets which we can provide to our consumers for a positive sustainability experience.

  • South Korea
    Innovation Hub South Korea was launched in November 2019. We short-listed four startups. We were able to make meaningful progress with Re-Harvest Company Limited, a food-upcycling startup. By December 2020, we had completed a pilot leading to the launch of the 'Re-nergy' bars: granola bars made with our saved grains-one of our beer byproducts, through an online crowdfunding platform. We received recognition as the "first beer spent grain upcycler in South Korea's brewing."