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OBC holds Closing Ceremony for OB-Rang Season 2

Release date:June 28, 2021

OBC held a closing ceremony for college student supporters, OB-Rang Season 2, in collaboration with Korea Green Foundation(KGF) on June 28.

Twenty college student supporters were selected as the 2nd OB-Rangs in March, and worked as eco-speakers to inform the public of the seriousness of environmental problems and to widely promote OBC’s dedication and commitment to environmental protection.

Over the past four months, OB-Rang Season 2 produced over 1,000 online contents across various social media platforms. Major missions include creating a carbon reduction campaign video, promoting OBC and KGF’s ESG policies, and conducting OB-Rang’s own eco-campaign.

At the closing ceremony, RE:harvest CEO gave a lecture on ‘starting an eco-friendly business’ and gave OB-Rangs an opportunity to taste madeleines, croissants, and beer latte made with Cass BSG. RE:harvest, a startup specializing in food upcycling, signed an MOU with OBC and is co-developing various food using BSG.

To conclude the event, all 20 college student supporters were presented with certificates of completion, and the most active and passionate supporter as well as teams were awarded.