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OBC Strengthens ESG Management from Beer Brewing to Consumption

Release date:June 10, 2021

OBC held the ‘Declaration Ceremony for Reinforcement of ESG Management/Business’ underpinned by the company’s vision to ‘Build a Company to Last the Next 100 Years’.

The ceremony consisted of a special guest lecture on the current and future trends of ESG, followed by CEO Ben Verhaert’s declaration of OBC’s ESG management and an ESG workshop. During the workshop, which was open to all OBC employees both on and off-line, participants assessed their goals and mid to long-term strategies for sustainable management.

On this day, OBC clarified its four goals, Climate Actions, Circular Packaging, Smart Agriculture, Water Stewardship, and declared to achieve 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2025.

OBC, a leader in liquor business, has spearheaded efforts to fulfill social responsibilities by promoting smart drinking culture, and has reinforced activities to promote transparent management and compliance under the slogan ‘365 Brew Right’- a commitment to engage in only fair and sound brewing practices all year round.