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Celebrating the 71st International Children's Day “Mini Olympics” Event held at 27 Budweiser China Hope Schools

Release date:June 01, 2021

2021 is the 32nd Olympic year, in order to encourage the students of Budweiser China Hope Schools to face study and life in the spirit of the Olympic in different circumstances, and to celebrate the 71st international children's day at the same time, on June 1st this year, Budweiser China organized 27 hope primary schools that located in 14 provinces nationwide, respectively, to hold Mini Olympic Games which feature soccer, basketball, badminton, rope skipping, unicycle, national dance, cheerleading, track-and-field and fun sports meeting. By holding Olympic Games, we hope to help students set up a struggle, upward Olympic spirit, explore and cultivate students’ sports skills, and promote the development and revitalization of the rural physical education.

This time, combining characteristic sports and needs of each schools, Budweiser China donated nearly 300 soccers, more than 100 basketballs, more than 500 ropes and other Olympic sports equipment to Hope Schools everywhere. This activity affected nearly 8,000 students, covered 9 kinds of sports, and 27 groups of champions, second and third runners were selected. The events were wonderful, with laughter, applause and exclamations one after another, and we spent a happy June 1 with the children.

As a responsible enterprise, Budweiser China has always focused on actively participating in community construction and giving back to the society where its business goes. On November 22, 2010, Budweiser China donated the first Hope School, Yunnan Jinping Budweiser Hope School. With the rapid development of Budweiser in China, as of 2021, Budweiser China has donated 31 Hope Schools in the national. Colleagues from breweries and sales offices around Budweiser will visit the school regularly, and regularly supply various daily necessities and study articles to schools, and carry out a wide variety of cultural, sports and extracurricular activities. We encourage children to have great dreams and hope that students can walk out of the countryside and create a better world with us.