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OBC Kicks-off ‘OB-Rang, College Student Supporters’ Season 2

Release date:April 07, 2021

OBC, in partnership with Korea Green Foundation, announced the Kick-off of ‘OB-Rang, College Student Supporters’ Season 2.

‘OB-Rang, College Student Supporters’ will work to create diverse environmental contents that help raise awareness of the importance of keeping the environment clean and sustainable. By doing so, the essential goal is to widespread the message on social media channels and get a step closer to brining a ‘Better World,’ one of OBC’s core visions.

At the Kick-off ceremony, OBC and Korea Green Foundation shared the plans of ‘OB-Rang’ and bestowed ‘acceptance letters’ and held a discussion session for ‘OB-Rang’ members to introduce themselves and share their ‘ambitions’ before the Q&A session.

A total of 253 applicants applied to ‘OB-Rang’ Season 2 and only 20 were selected. An official stated, "With the 20 college students selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, I am positive they will drive home the urgency of environmental issues with their creative ideas during the next three months and earnestly serve as ‘Eco Speakers’ who advocate environmental protection.”