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OBC Donates Winter Goods for Eco-refugees in Mongolia

Release date:January 21, 2020

OBC conducted ‘Warm Box Campaign’ to collect and send winter goods to eco-refugees in Mongolia in collaboration with international environmental organization ‘Green Asia’.

During December, OBC and Green Asia collected winter goods asleep in the closet from employees and citizens and donated collected goods for eco-refugees who endure harsh cold in Mongolia where winter temperature drops to minus 40C.

The collected useless winter goods were delivered to eco-refugees in Mongolia and became valuable treasures to survive the harsh winter season!

The ‘Warm Box Campaign’, a part of OBC’s representative environment campaign 'Cass Forest of Hope', was designed to help eco-refugees in Mongolia who have lost their livelihoods due to climate changes.

The ‘Cass Forest of Hope’ is OBC’s large-scale environmental improvement project that prevents climate change and desertification by planting trees in Mongolia since 2010. Mongolia is known to be the source region of find dust and yellow dust that severely harm Northeast Asia.

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