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OBC Conducts ‘Underage Drinking Prevention Campaign’

Release date:November 14, 2019

OBC conducted ‘Underage Drinking Prevention Campaign’ on November 14, the day of 2020 College Entrance Exam, near an examination site in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

OBC Smart Drinking volunteers led the campaign under the slogan of ‘Root out underage drinking! Have a drink when you become an adult!’ in collaboration with Juvenile Culture Association affiliated with the International Exchange & Cultural Promotion Institute.

The volunteers informed the bad effects of underage drinking and handed out hand warmers and snacks to the students with words of encouragement. The students participated in ‘Underage Drinking Out’ Punch Game and promised not to drink until they become adults.

OBC has been running this campaign every year on the day of College Entrance Exam since 2009. As a leading beer company, OBC will continue putting efforts into creating safe and smart drinking culture in our society.

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