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Our Goals

100% of our product is in packaging that is returnable or made from majority recycled content

  • Our Ambition

    To improve long-term sustainability across markets and increase public awareness, our business has a fundamental role to play in encouraging our suppliers,customers and consumers to support the circularity of packaging materials. Using the 4R principles –Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,Rethink – we drive our 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Areas of Focus

  • Packaging and Waste Policy

    We work to minimize waste generated at each stage of our packaging life cycle. Our Packaging and Waste Policy guides our operations to avoid redundant consumption,select sustainable alternatives and properly reuse and dispose materials. We believe collaboration with our stakeholders is fundamental to achieving full circularity and we work closely with our suppliers to promoteinnovative circular concepts.
    Our annual Champion Program has a long history in our business and embeds with our commitment to constantlyrethink our packaging. The Champion Program that took place in October allowed us to share, discuss and implement new cost-effective and sustainable solutions.
  • Promoting Sustainable Packaging

    Sourcing packaging materials with high recycled content, supporting recovery and reusing of bottles, lightweighting our packaging, advocating for returnable solutions and educating our consumers on the importance of recycling are our key focuses.

Circular Packaging

  • Our Accomplishments

    65.1% of our volume was in returnable packaging.50.1% of our packaging was made from recycled content (52.4% in glass, 18.3% in cans).
  • Our Initiatives

    Reduced 136.9 tons of aluminum in China by reducing the weight of 300ml aluminum cans.
    Reduced 96 tons of plastic film annually in Korea by reducing the thickness of film packaging.
    Launched South Korea's first beer box packaging using 100% recycled materials
  • Looking Forward

    We will continue to pilot initiatives and work closely with our packaging suppliers to drive lightweighting,returnability, recycled contents and recyclability of our packaging. We will leverage our expertise to influence local governments to support the use of recycled materials in food-grade packaging and recyclers to improve recycling rates. To extend our efforts on secondary packaging and post-consumer waste we seek to transform public attitudes towards waste and circularity.